Steam Boat Chicken

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Steam Boat Chicken

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This is our version of beer can chicken. LetS Go!!

You will need-

1 Whole 5lb chicken (lightly brushed with olive oil)
Beer can Chicken Seasoning by Weber or (Rub or seasoning of your choice)
one vegetable soup can filled with Mtn Dew
1 Lime wedge
12 ounces Mtn Dew

Spread your rub or seasoning over the olive oil bathed chicken
fill vegetable or soup can with mt dew
stand the chicken upright and place the rear side cavity down over the open can top.
place a lime wedge in neck hole of chicken to block in moisture
place chicken and can on cooking tripod (or watch the video below if you don't have one)
place one grill at 325 for 30 minutes per lbs
remove chicken when internal temp reaches 160


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