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Organic Gardening in N.C.

Welcome gardening friend! I am super excited about my square foot gardening series. In these videos, I show you how you can get started gardening even if you have never put a seed in the ground. I try to show you the simplest, most cost effective ways to get started gardening today. You won't believe how much better home grown food tastes. Tomatoes are probably the favorite crop to grow at home but they are not the easiest thing to grow. Follow my tips to have the best chance for growing the best home grown tomatoes. Cucumbers are also a favorite thing to grow at home. I recommend that you grow them on a trellis to make the most out of your space. Your home grown cucumbers will be full of water and better than any store bought ones Egyptian spinach and moringa are some of the super foods that I show you how to grow. Homegrown is best! I hope you can join me in the fun.
Organic Gardening in N.C.

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